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Chicken Assassin - Master of Humilitation

Witness this Epic Action RPG! Full of sarcastic and hilarious characters, rich artwork and beautifully structured class/inventory/wardrobe/upgrade/achievement systems to make it a joy to play. You will start out as Mean McAllister battling to win the affections of Candy in the underground fighting rings

Twist of Destiny

Explore a world of turn based battles, skills, many playable characters, quests and battle with fierce tomatoes!

Black Market Loot Rewards

Sell your junk on the Black Market! No... Not that junk.

Epic Random Loot

Where else will you find cheese, a magnifying glass, bottle caps, vitamins, broken bottles and more all in the same game? The key to enjoying Chicken Assassin is taking time for the hilarious texts and descriptions. You will collect so many cool items along the way!

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